China builds special repository for scientific data sharing

(People’s Daily Online) 16:04, April 22, 2021

Science Data Bank (ScienceDB), a paper-related data repository with the capacity to serve global users, has recently been launched by the Computer Network Information Center (CNIC) under the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

ScienceDB, independently developed and maintained by CNIC, not only provides solutions for the aggregation, management, opening up and sharing of paper-related data, but also serves as a platform for promoting integrity in scientific research, fostering the sharing culture, accelerating data transfer and enhancing international cooperation.

Researchers can store up and publish their collected scientific data in the bank, while the bank itself allows the data to be discovered, accessed and readopted more easily, as it enables resources scattered among various individuals to be managed collectively after all the “deposits” are processed.

“For researchers, the transparency of scientific data is pivotal to the credibility of their academic papers,” Zhou Yuanchun, deputy director of the CNIC said while explaining the significance of scientific data. “After the papers are published, the data can be found more easily and its availability will also be boosted,” he added.

Qiu Yubao, an associate researcher at the Aerospace Information Research Institute under the Chinese Academy of Sciences, was one of the first users to store up and publicly share scientific data in the ScienceDB’s predecessor released in 2015.

“Since 2015, more than 20 entities have adopted the data I shared,” remarked Qiu, noting that the public sharing of the data has greatly promoted the popularization of the project outcomes they achieved from 2012 to 2015. “In the future, we will continue to store and share other data through the bank,” he said.

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